Peak Bagging

What is peak bagging?

Tracking the mountain peaks you have hiked

Peak bagging is when you keep track of the mountain peaks you reach. Some people bag peaks for personal motivation or competitive reasons, or they just do it for the gram.

Where did peak bagging come from?

Peak bagging has been around ever since people started venturing up mountains and shared stories about their experiences. It then gained more traction as people began climbing mountains for fun and posting lists of enjoyable mountain peaks to climb.

Then, as social media emerged in the 2010s peak baggers could then share their conquests, which led to increased popularity. Also, peak bagging became more accessible for novice climbers as trails were added and GPS and mobile technology advanced.

Who bags peaks?

Since most mountain peak lists include peaks that are easy and friendly toward hikers, most peak baggers are novice or casual climbers. In general, peak bagging is looked down upon by serious climbers that summit challenging peaks.


Charles is peak bagging all the 14,000 foot peaks over the next year
Peak bagging can be exhausting but often leads to spectacular views
Peak bagging can be exhausting but often leads to spectacular views

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Updated June 25, 2021

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