What region does LATAM stand for?

Latin America

LATAM (or LatAm) is a region that typically includes all countries south of the United States, such as Mexico, the Caribbean islands, and South America. Similar to MENA and EMEA, you will likely see people use the term in business, media, and marketing contexts. It's also the name of an airline ("LATAM Airlines") and gaming region.

For example, a marketing executive may send out an email explaining the company's new initiative, "How we plan to break into the LATAM markets." Or, a clothing company may distribute a sales report documenting their "LATAM dominance."

LATAM countries

LATAM consists of countries south of the U.S. whose primary languages derive from Latin. Examples of prominent countries include Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Panama, Nicaragua, and Puerto Rico. Countries that are sometimes excluded from LATAM include Guyana, Suriname, and Belize.


I love it when my business trips take me to LATAM. I love those cultures there
It's really cool you get to travel all over the world for your job
LATAM economy referenced on X
LATAM economy referenced on X

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Updated March 21, 2024

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