What does latergram mean?

A picture posted on Instagram later than when it was taken

A latergram is an Instagram post about something that happened much earlier instead of just recently. The name comes from when the post took place relative to when the picture was actually taken. The post was saved for later instead of immediately being published in that instant.

Instagram posts are usually about something that just happened. So when you post a picture on Instagram about something that happened much earlier (or later from when the moment actually happened), it becomes a "latergram." People may post latergrams because they were busy doing something else or didn't have the picture or Internet connection available to publish the post. Latergrams may also appear as "latagram" or "later gram."


Whoa, I didn't know Vanessa was in Cali.
She isn't, that's a latergram from spring break.
Latergram Image

Latergram means a picture posted on instagram later than when it was taken

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Updated January 19, 2018

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