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1. What is ig short for?


IG is an abbreviation for Instagram, a social site where users share images and videos. It is an Internet-based service that is also available as a mobile app.

The abbreviation is often seen in social videos or images accompanied by an Instagram username to let other people know how they can follow the user who posted the content. Instagram was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and first released in October 2010. It immediately gained popularity and was acquired by Facebook (fb) in April 2012. Instagram has given birth to many other social terms, such as finstagram, rinstagram, and Instagram husband.


R u on IG?
Yeah, follow me @ fotos4lyfe
IG means
IG means Instagram

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Updated February 21, 2018
2. What does IG stand for?

I guess

IG is another way to say "I suppose" when unsure of something, whether it be a definitive answer or how you feel. For example, if your friend asks you if you are feeling better after your flu bug, you might respond with, "IG. Still a bit queasy."

People typically use IG online when messaging online or texting, and they may use it by itself or in a sentence. However, be careful when you use it because it is pretty obscure, and most people recognize it as the abbreviation for "Instagram," which may add to the confusion. Also, never use it when your gf asks you if you love her.


IG I am taking piano lessons this summer since my parents already signed me up
Sucks to be you!

That IG look

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Updated October 4, 2022

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