Latte Makeup

What is latte makeup?

Face makeup that blends warm brown and tan tones

Latte makeup is a style of face makeup characterized by applying and blending a mix of warm tan, brown, and bronze tones. (Similar to those you'd see in a latte.) When applied and combined correctly, these tones add glow, depth, and dimension to a person's face.

While the latte makeup look has been around for years (and is specifically influenced by a picture that makeup artist Tanielle Jai shared in 2018), it went viral on TikTok in mid-2023. TikToker Rachel Rigler is usually credited with coining the term latte makeup, in a post that describes the look as "warm and bronzey, milky and effortless."


I love how easy latte makeup is
And it's perfect for fall!
Rigler discussing latte makeup (while sharing Jai's picture)
Rigler discussing latte makeup (while sharing Jai's picture)

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Updated November 29, 2023

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