What does LMAOROF stand for?

Laughing my a** off rolling on the floor


LMAOROF is a combination of LMAO and ROF that people send to react to something very funny. You will most likely see it in text and online messages and on social media.

Since LMAOROF is hyperbolic, it should be reserved for only hilarious moments. For example, if your friend laughs and spits milk in your other friend's face, that might be an LMAO moment. But if your friend laughs and spits milk in your other friend's face causing her to step backward and fall into a pool, then that would be an LMAOROF moment

LMAOROF is just one of many acronyms for communicating laughter. Others include the more common ROFLMAO, FOFLMAO, LOLROFLMAO, and OMGROFLMAO.


That is too funny! LMAOROF

Pee-wee doing his best LMAOROF impression

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Updated January 26, 2022

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