LOC has 2 meanings
1. What does LOC stand for?

Lines of code

LOC is an acronym that stands for "lines of code," which is often used by software developers. It refers to the number of lines that make up the source code of a program.

Typically the more LOC there are in the source code, the longer it took for the program to be developed and the larger the size is of the program. If you want to be even more specific about the amount of LOC, you can use KLOC for 1,000 LOC, MLOC for 1,000,000 LOC, and GLOC for 1,000,000,000 LOC.


There were 67 occurrences scattered throughout 67,000+ LOC

A feeling shared by many developers

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Updated August 17, 2018
2. What does LOC stand for?

Load of crap

LOC is the cleaner version of BS, although it's still feces-related. It describes something that is entirely made up, unfair, or false.

You will most likely see LOC online when someone is complaining, especially on social media, like Twitter and Facebook. For example, your friend may post on Twitter how the cost of building materials is a LOC because it is so expensive.

Typically, if someone uses LOC, they're probably cranky. However, some people just enjoy complaining about things, which is why they use LOC.


Why do I get the feeling that everything he said is just an LOC?
Agreed. Something's fishy

Rachel thinks it's an LOC

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Updated August 30, 2022

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