1. What does PBE stand for?

Public beta environment

An acronym for the beta testing environment provided to League of Legends players before official updates to the game are released; used by the game developers to locate and fix bugs, as well as address game balance issues.


The PBE is now up for the next major patch! I'm going to log on and check it out

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Updated October 15, 2014
2. What does PBE stand for?

Personal Belief Exemption

An acronym that stands for the policy that lets parents make their child exempt from doing an activity based on personal beliefs.

The policy has been criticized by many people, especially in relation to vaccination. In California, it is legal for parents to not have their kids vaccinated based on personal beliefs, which potentially puts other kids' health at risk.


Is it legal in our state for parents to submit a PBE form that allows their kids to not get vaccinated?

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Updated September 24, 2014

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