What does LOLUSA stand for?

Laughing out loud until sides ache

LOLUSA is when someone is laughing so hard, his or her sides are aching. The acronym is typically used to reply to something really funny online or in a text message.

An instance where you might see LOLUSA is the comments section of a viral video where a lady falls while stomping grapes. Another example is in a text message when reacting to an unflattering portrait of yourself painted by a 3-year-old.

LOLUSA is just one of many terms coined to express extreme laughter. Others include BRLCFH, LLACP, LMAOROTF, LMFAOPIMP, and of course, dying.


That was so hilarious, it made me LOLUSA!

Laughing too much can be painful

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Updated April 14, 2021

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