What does lu mean in messages?

Love you

Lu is a quick way to say "I love you" to another person that is an even shorter version of ILU. People may use it in various contexts, including in a text, online message, or at the end of an email.

For example, you may text your bestie after a sleepover, "i already miss you. lu!" Or, you might message your bf, "I had so much fun at dinner tonight. LU so much!" And in emails, your sister may end the message with, "LU 2 pieces, sis!"

People may use lu for platonic and romantic love. So, if you are trying to decipher the meaning behind lu in a message, you'll have to look at the context of how a person uses it to understand its meaning.


OK, bye!
Bye, LU!

Buddy is a fan of lu

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Updated September 18, 2023

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