What does iluvu mean online and in messages?

I love you

Iluvu is an abbreviated version of "I love you" that many people use in messages and online. It combines multiple abbreviations (luv and u).

While people may use it for platonic love, like a grandma texting love for her granddaughter, most people use it romantically. For example, a gf may message her bf before work, "have a good shift, bae. iluvu." Or, you might text your wife, "I hope you have a fun GNO, iluvu!"

Iluvu is one of many acronyms and abbreviations for communicating adoration. Other options include ILY, ILYSM, XOXO, and 143.


Thanks for sending me flowers this morning. Iluvu so much!

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Updated July 28, 2023

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