What does MF stand for in messages and online?

Mother f***er


MF is a vulgar way to refer to a person. People typically use it disparagingly, but they may also use it reverently when describing a bold person.

You will likely see MF in texts and online messages. However, you may also encounter it on social sites like Twitter and TikTok.

For example, your friend may complain about a co-worker in a text, "I can't believe that MF got the promotion and not me." Or, you might see a celebrity gush over someone on Twitter, "That amazing MF was able to get the law passed. Wow." Since people may use MF positively or negatively, you must decipher it based on the context in which someone uses it.


That MF cut me off on the freeway!
What a jerk!
MF tweet
MF tweet

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Updated March 14, 2023

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