What does minion mean?

Game creature

A gaming term that refers to either an enemy creature that can be fought against, or a friendly creature that can be controlled toward game objectives.

In the game League of Legends, minions are creatures that automatically spawn on the behalf of each team and attack enemy units.

In the game Hearthstone, minions refer to creatures that are summoned on the playing board with cards. A minion is controlled by the player who summoned it, and it can attack other minions or heroes. Minions are a major factor in battles between heroes. They are commonly responsible for most of the damage dealt in a game. Minions with different attributes can be used for a variety of purposes, such as preventing an opponent from attacking a hero directly. Minion cards are recognized by their attack and health values and any other special abilities.


You have to get better at using your minions if you ever want to beat me

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Updated March 4, 2015

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