1. What does drop mean?

A ball dropped from a golfer's outstretched arm

Drop is a golf term for when a player holds out his arm horizontal to the ground and drops the ball. It is the result of a ball that is hit into a hazard or an unplayable area.

The drop must occur at least two club lengths away from the hole. Wherever the ball comes to a stop is where the golfer hits his next shot.


After he hit it into the water he took a drop

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Updated September 29, 2016
2. What does drop mean?


A slang term that refers to a minion in Hearthstone; often refers to the cost of minions and appears next to a number describing the drop, such as 2-drop or 3-drop.


Having a few one and two-drop cards in your deck is good to have in order to hold off early game pressure

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Updated March 4, 2015

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