Minnesota Goodbye

What is a Minnesota goodbye?

A drawn-out goodbye

A Minnesota goodbye is when people are leaving, but the departure goes on and on because they keep talking. It's especially prevalent among Minnesotans and other midwesterners.

Minnesota goodbyes may happen anytime you leave someplace, whether it be a party, family gathering, church, a movie, or even the grocery store. However, it most often happens when departing people you are familiar with, like a family member, friend, or neighbor.

The elongated departure usually goes something like this:

  1. The departing party verbally announces they have to leave then proceed to talk for another 30 minutes
  2. When they finally get to the front door, they talk for another 20 minutes (typically with the hosts if it's a gathering or party)
  3. After the departing party manages to get out of the house/building they still converse for 10 minutes as they walk to their car
  4. Even after getting in the car, the conversation proceeds for 5 minutes through the car window
  5. And finally, as they drive away, they honk their horn or yell goodbye out the window

Due to their incredible lengthiness, people who often get caught up in Minnesota goodbyes may resort to ghosting people. This expedited departure may be perceived as rude, especially by the hosts, but is useful when crunched for time.


I thought we'd be there for just 5 minutes but mom did a Minnesota goodbye, which made it a 2 hour long trip

Waiting in the car for mom to finish her Minnesota goodbye

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Updated December 22, 2021

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