What does MLIA stand for?

My life is average

MLIA is a quick way for people to lament that their life is mundane and unremarkable. People typically use it when messaging to respond to a question or to react to someone sharing an amazing accomplishment.

For example, you may share a video of your latest vacay with your BFF, and they reply with, "OMG, that's amazing. MLIA compared to yours." Or, your friend may text you asking about what you've been doing lately, and you reply with, "MLIA. Just the same stuff like work and hanging out."

People may also use MLIA online on social media. For example, you might post a pic of yourself on a walk on Facebook, "on a beautiful walk. mlia. but i like it like that."


How's it going?
OK, mlia 2day

MLIA embodied in human form

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Updated October 2, 2023

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