What does mmk mean?


Mmk is a half-hearted way of saying "okay." When someone sends you mmk instead of OK, that person likely a) is annoyed with you or b) actually disagrees with you, but finds it easier to say OK.

The "mm" in mmk represents the sound a person makes while thinking, often written as "mmm." So, mmk is an OK the person you're chatting with had to think about. For example, if you try to tell your brother that your mother doesn't want flowers for Mother's Day, he may respond with "mmk" - meaning he thinks you don't know what the heck you're talking about.


Can u bring my sweater with u 2nite?
Mmk, I'll have it with me
Mmk means "okay"
Mmk means "okay"

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Updated October 4, 2021

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