What does sok mean in messages?

It's OK

Sok is a quick way to type "it's OK" when texting or messaging online. Its origins are unclear, but it comes from the combination of the "s" (from "It's") and "OK."

Most people use sok to reassure others that they are OK with or understand why something just happened. For example, your friend may apologize for leaving abruptly because they had to go to work, and you reply with, "sok. i had to eat breakfast. talk tonite?"

While slang-savvy people (likely tweens and teens) may understand sok, most older people will not. Therefore, save yourself some trouble and type it out when messaging older generations.


I'm running a little behind, should be there in 20 mins
Sok, I'm not in a hurry

A Salma Hayek sok

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Updated May 22, 2023

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