What is a LEGO MOC?

My own creation

An MOC is a LEGO creation designed by a fan instead of the official LEGO brand. Builders in the LEGO community that enjoy re-purposing LEGO blocks into new creations often share and sell MOC instructions online.

MOC is a challenging way to build a LEGO creation since it requires imagination and ingenuity to find blocks that fit the design. However, it is also more exciting because builders can put together blocks that result in unique creations.

Examples of MOCs

MOCs may be all types of creations, such as vehicles, creatures, and buildings. Examples include a custom sports car, a new Star Wars spaceship, and a castle from a medieval TV show.


Check out my MOC LEGO Guardian Scout from the Zelda BOTW
Nice! How long did it take you to build?
About 2 hours
Guardian Scout LEGO MOC
Guardian Scout LEGO MOC

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Updated January 4, 2023

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