Mom Bro

What is a mom bro?

A very protective guy

A mom bro is a guy who is very protective of others, similar to a mom protective of her offspring. The mom bro is typically a teenager or young adult that is a friend or mentor.

The origin of mom bro is unclear, but Caleb McLaughlin from Stranger Things popularized it in June 2022 when he described his co-star Joe Keery as a mom bro because he was protective of his younger co-stars. For example, Keery went online to defend his co-stars from an inappropriate sexual comment on social media.

Examples of mom bro behavior

There are many examples of mom bro behavior that come from being protective. Some examples include standing up to bullies picking on someone, looking out for others in a potentially dangerous situation, and imparting wisdom to others to guide them.


Henry is such a mom bro
IKR? It's adorable how he looks out for the middle schoolers

A mom bro's mantra

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Updated June 14, 2022

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