What is moneymaxxing?

Attempting to improve your financial situation

Moneymaxxing, also known as wealthmaxxing or careermaxxing, describes a person's attempts to acquire lots of money. It is an offshoot of looksmaxxing and, like that term, is used primarily by incels.

Incels believe moneymaxxing will make them more desirable to potential romantic partners, who are more likely to date someone financially well-off. They also use moneymaxxing to fund their looksmaxxing efforts (which consist of various appearance-improvement measures).

Examples of moneymaxxing "hacks" include:

  • Angling for a promotion at work
  • Getting an additional job
  • Curbing extraneous spending
  • Selling unnecessary possessions


I can't go out tonight; I'm moneymaxxing and already blew this month's budget
Alright, well, catch you next month then?
We'll see, I might just stop spending money on going out altogether
Cool, cool
The moneymaxxing hashtag on TikTok
The moneymaxxing hashtag on TikTok

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Updated June 23, 2023

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