What is a Chad?

A physically fit, overly confident man

A "Chad" is a man who is physically fit, extremely confident (bordering on egotistical), and most likely sexually active. People often use the term to criticize the douchebag behavior of alpha males that also tends to be misogynistic.

Origin of Chad

Some trace the origins of "Chad" back to the UK during World War II. However, most sources point to the Chicago area in the early-1990s when it was used as a derogatory term to put down young and successful men in their 20s and 30s who specialized in picking up women in bars.

The term then gained traction in the 2000s as an online slang term and eventually in memes in the 2010s. Online incel communities on Reddit, 4chan, and YouTube also heavily use the term to criticize macho bros (who most likely were part of a fraternity) that "get all the girls."

Is Chad a compliment or insult?

While being physically fit and having confidence in yourself are typically good things, using them irresponsibly gets you into trouble. That's where the Chad term comes into play.

When your sole goal is to hook up with girls and put others down, then people will begin to label you as a Chad because of your hurtful behavior. However, if you are physically fit, confident, and popular with the ladies while still being respectful and considerate, people may label you as a Chad out of jealousy (typical Incel tactic).

How Chad is used

People often use the term online to accompany videos or images capturing guys' "douchebro" behavior. People also use the word in person to call out players who are entirely disrespectful to other people's feelings.

Other slang names like Chad

"Chad" is one of many name-related terms people use to describe others who exhibit certain traits or behavior. Some examples include "Karen," "Felicia," "Trixie," "Becky," and "Kyle."


Kevin is being a real Chad tonite. He's gotta take down his arrogance a couple of notches before he gets punched in the face

The Chad

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Updated October 7, 2021

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