What is looksmaxxing?

Attempting to improve your appearance

Looksmaxxing (or looksmaxing) describes a person's attempts to improve their physical appearance. Most notably, looksmaxxing is used within the incel community, to describe various techniques incels use to achieve what they consider to be a desirable appearance.

What is the origin of looksmaxxing?

Maxxing is derived from the gaming term "min-maxing," which describes an RPG player's attempt to maximize a certain stat (often to the detriment of others). In incel communities, the -maxxing suffix is used to denote attempts at self-improvement. It initially appeared around 2014, in various incel-related forums.

Looksmaxxing is one of the earliest terms to use the -maxxing suffix (likely because incels are very focused on their appearance). Other -maxxing terms include socialmaxxing (attempting to improve your social skills) and moneymaxxing (attempting to improve your financial situation).

What does looksmaxxing involve?

Looksmaxxers perform various techniques and routines to attempt to improve their appearance. Some less extreme looksmaxxing techniques (often referred to as softmaxxing) include diet changes, regular exercise, supplement use, and adopting skin and haircare routines. More invasive techniques (often referred to as hardmaxxing) include steroid use, plastic surgery, and hair transplants or removal.


Dave says he's looksmaxxing now? He spent a half hour doing his hair yesterday
Oh, brother
A looksmaxxer discussing the changes they've made on Reddit
A looksmaxxer discussing the changes they've made on Reddit

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Updated April 20, 2023

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