1. What does MST stand for in online marketplaces?

Must see today

In online marketplaces, sellers use MST to stand for "must see today." These sellers think you should check out their item ASAP, because it will sell quickly. (Or at least, that's what they want you to think.)

If you've bought into the seller's hype, you should message them about the item immediately. So what are you still doing here? Go get that deal!


Great condition, one owner. MST!!! Call 555-5678

TMW you encounter an item you MST

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Updated August 15, 2023
2. What does MST stand for?

Mountain Standard Time

A time keeping acronym that refers to the Mountain time zone in the U.S. during fall and winter; mostly made up of the Rocky Mountains; ahead of the Pacific Time Zone by 1 hour, behind the Central Time Zone by 1 hour, and behind the Eastern Time Zone by 2 hours.


If the show airs at 7 MST, when does it air on the west coast?

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Updated December 10, 2014

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