1. What is an mt in writing?


In writing, an "mt" is a "mistype," such as a typo, misspelling, or grammatical error. People often utilize mt in emails, text messages, or online messages to point out a mistype.

Editors may use mt to refer to mistypes found in a person's work, such as an article or report. Or, a co-worker may use mt when correcting an email with incorrect information. Gamers may also use it in the game chat to rectify the wrong information previously sent.

While people often use mt to refer to mistypes, they may also use sic or sp. Or, some even more casual terms include DT and NSISR.


Sorry about the mt, meant to say she not he

There may be an mt in that sentence

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Updated February 21, 2022
2. What does MT stand for on Twitter?

Modified tweet

Twitter users use MT to mark a "modified tweet." These tweets are retweets that have been altered in some way.

Usually, an MT has been shortened, so the user retweeting it can add their thoughts to the original tweet. For example, you might see a tweet that reads "My favorite is South Korea. MT @TravelGuide What's the best country to visit as an American?" In this example, the user who posted the MT likely shortened @TravelGuide's question, so they could add their answer.


Why would anyone think this would work? MT @Crampus: Students walk out on test, expect As

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Updated July 6, 2022
3. What does MT stand for?

Mountain time zone

An acronym that refers to the United States time zone that covers most of the region in between the midwest and west coast states, which include Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, and New Mexico; also includes parts of Canada and Central America; two hours behind the ET, 1 hour behind the CT, and 1 hour ahead of the PT.


The show starts at 6 MT, which is where we'll be in a couple hours

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Updated June 16, 2017

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