What does MUD stand for in gaming?

Multi-user dungeon

Gamers use MUD to stand for "multi-user dungeon." In these multiplayer, text-based games, players navigate rooms, talk to NPCs, fight enemies, and complete quests.

After connecting to a MUD, players typically create their character, receive a brief introduction to the game's story, and then start the game in the dungeon's initial room. Players can then enter specified commands to perform various actions. For example, a player may be able to enter "North" to travel north or "Enter" to enter the next room. As the game progresses, players gain access to more options, and they may encounter other players.

While most MUDs are fantasy games and thus take place in fantasy settings, some MUDs are set in sci-fi, historical, or even present-day settings. These games, which don't include any dungeons, may instead be referred to as "multi-user dimensions" or "multi-user domains."


What's your favorite MUD?
I really love Threshold
A screenshot of Aardwolf, a popular MUD
A screenshot of Aardwolf, a popular MUD

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Updated July 21, 2023

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