Dump Stat

What is a dump stat?

An ability that an RPG player doesn't prioritize

A dump stat is an ability that an RPG player chooses not to invest any resources in. For example, in Dungeons and Dragons, players who play as fighters or barbarians commonly choose to make Intelligence their dump stat, assigning it their lowest score during character creation and continuing to strengthen their physical abilities, rather than Intelligence, as they level up.

As DnD has gained in popularity and prevalence, players and non-players alike have begun using the term dump stat to explain real people's personalities and actions. For example, some explain Elon Musk's continued odd Tweets and behavior by saying Wisdom is his dump stat. Others have made the case that, while Donald Trump's Charisma may be high, Intelligence is his dump stat.


Did you see Ryan struggle to lift that bag of groceries? It wasn't even full!
Yeah, strength's always been his dump stat
A Twitter user explaining Alexander Hamilton's dump stat
A Twitter user explaining Alexander Hamilton's dump stat

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Updated October 13, 2020

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