What does murk mean?

To totally dominate

When a person murks something, they severely beat or kill it. People often use "murk" when describing an epic beatdown of a person in a game or a mic drop insult that figuratively ends a person's life.

The term comes from the "merc" abbreviation for "mercenary," a profession that specializes in carrying out acts, often violent, for money. It gained popularity in online gaming circles in the early-2000s but also saw usage in real life, like, "OMG, he just murked that dude" or "She murked that song!" You may also see murk spelled as "merk," "merck," "murck" or "murc."

People also may use murk when describing a killer performance. For example, if I perform a fantastic solo, my BFF may exclaim, "Bravo, bud, you murked that song!"


Kuan just murked Jack and now he's so ticked. I was dying laughing
Tweet about Ciara murking her performance
Tweet about Ciara murking her performance

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Updated May 19, 2022

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