Left No Crumbs

What does left no crumbs mean?

Completely dominated

Left no crumbs is another way to say that someone completely obliterated (in a good way) another person, game, performance, look, etc. People typically use it with the "ate that" phrase to emphasize someone's fantastic achievement.

There is no clear creator to attribute the phrase to; instead, it organically evolved out of the "ate that" saying on social media. It gained popularity in 2017 but took off in early 2018 and is similar to the "left no prisoners" saying.

Examples of when you would see it include on Twitter when a person is stanning their favorite musician or in a message from your work boyfriend remarking how well you did on your presentation. You may also say it in person to your BFF after she sings great at a talent show.


Wow, Melanie, you ate that show and left no crumbs! YGG!
He left no crumbs with that performance
He left no crumbs with that performance

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Updated February 22, 2022

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