What does wrecked mean in gaming?

Destroyed, beaten, killed, demolished, utterly ruined

When a gamer says you've been wrecked, it means you've been thoroughly dominated by another player. For example, a League of Legends (LoL) player might enter "wrecked" in chat after their team ganks you.

How is wrecked used?

Players most often use wrecked after they've killed another player or finished winning an extremely lopsided game. A player who spams wrecked in a game's chat is likely trying to troll you, to throw you off your game. (Don't let them!)

You may also see wrecked used as part of the phrase "get wrecked." This phrase would seem to function as a command for you to kill yourself in-game or concede, but is actually just used similarly to wrecked. You may also see wrecked spelled rekt.

Is wrecked used outside gaming?

As online gaming has become more popular, wrecked has migrated from in-game chat to social media and the real world. For example, at your local skatepark, you may hear skateboarding teens tell each other to "get wrecked" when one of them fails to perform a trick.

However, outside of gaming, "get wrecked" can also mean "get drunk." So, if you are a parent, you may want to monitor the context in which your children are using wrecked.


Boom, headshot! Get wrecked!
A player who got wrecked by Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's AI
A player who got wrecked by Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's AI

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Updated June 11, 2021

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