What does merk mean?

To completely dominate

If an opponent completely dominates you, they merked you. People typically use "merk" when describing an impressive obliteration of an opponent when gaming online. However, they may also use it in other types of competition or even when a person performs something well, like a test or dance routine.

Where did merk come from?

Merk comes from "merc," an abbreviation for "mercenary," which is a person who performs acts (usually violent) for money. People began widely using it in online gaming circles in the early-2000s, and it transitioned over to real life, like, "Trevor got detention for merking Mr. Johnson with a sick burn."

There are various spellings of merk, including "merck," "murck," and "murc." However, the most prominent ones you will see are merk and murk.


Quincy just merked the catcher on that slide
Was he safe?
Then it was worth it
A little flattering and unsettling
A little flattering and unsettling

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Updated May 19, 2022

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