What does NFIAH stand for online?

Never fear, I am here

When greeting friends online, you can message them "NFIAH," which stands for "never fear, I am here." The saying comes from a phrase some superheroes say when they arrive at the scene.

Most people use NFIAH when entering a chatroom, forum, or message thread. The discussion may be regarding an issue that the individual thinks they can solve or remedy, much like a superhero. Or, they may not be solving any problem and just think very highly of themself.

For example, a user may post in a forum dedicated to solving PC issues, "NFIAH! What's the sitch?" Or, a user may join a message thread and say, "NFIAH, WU?"


Hey fellow chatroom friends, NFIAH!
Thank God. We were stumped

That NFIAH vibe

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Updated August 15, 2022

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