1. What does NFI stand for?

No further information

People send "NFI" in messages online or in texts to let others know "no further information" is available. They usually send it regarding an inquiry from someone, whether it be regarding the availability of something (or someone), an event, or some opportunity.

For example, your best bud may look into a job opportunity for you and might text, "The pay is 60-70K, WFH, NFI." Or, you might DM someone online about a party that is going down, and they reply, "9 pm, Joe's house, NFI."

For curious people, especially ones that want you to spill the tea, NFI is one of the worst acronyms. However, Google comes in really handy in these situations.


It mentions the product and price, but NFI is provided.

Unhealthy reaction to someone who sends you NFI

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Updated January 10, 2022
2. What does NFI stand for?

No freaking idea


An expression of hopelessness or a total lack of understanding; used as a more coarse and frustrated way of saying, "I have no idea."


I have NFI what he meant by that...

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Updated June 4, 2014

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