No-hit Run

What does no-hit run mean?

To beat a game without getting hit by an enemy

No-hit run means beating a game without getting hit by an enemy. A gamer can lose health and it can still be a no-hit run, but the loss of health must be from non-enemy sources, such as a fall or hazards in an environment.

A no-hit run is a difficult feat as it requires hours of gameplay practice and video documentation for those skeptical of the achievement. There are several variations of a no-hit run such as whether self-inflicted damage from falling counts and what types of weapons can be used to complete the run. One of the most famous no-hit runs was achieved by FaraazKhan on July, 2016 when he beat Dark Souls 3 on Twitch without getting hit by an enemy, which was the first time ever for the game.


Did you see his no-hit run last nite?
Yeah, but I would have been more impressed if he didn't use any magic
FaraazKhan after he achieved his no-hit run
FaraazKhan after he achieved his no-hit run

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Updated July 20, 2016

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