PB has 2 meanings
1. What does PB stand for?

Personal best

PB means personal best. It is an acronym that refers to a person's best score in a competition.

In gaming, the PB acronym refers to a gamer's best score. It is often used to share or brag about a high score with other gamers.

In sports, the PB acronym refers to an athlete's best score. It appears in sporting events, like the Olympics, that feature individual performances, such as track, wrestling, skiing, and gymnastics.


His PB is 355 pounds but I think you can beat that with the proper training

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Updated July 6, 2016
2. What does PB stand for?

Passed balls

A baseball statistic that refers to the number of passed balls give up by the catcher.

A passed ball is a pitch that the C fails to hold onto or control a ball that should have been controlled. Also, the PB results in a one or more runners advancing bases.


It's hard to have much confidence in him with his high number of PB

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Updated May 6, 2015

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