What is a normie?

A person whose tastes are mainstream

A normie is a person who has incredibly bland taste influenced by mainstream opinions. Normies come from "normal" and are likened to lemmings that just follow the crowd and don't think for themselves.

The origins of "normie" are unclear, but it gained popularity on social media in 2017 to call out people who don't have original opinions. You will most likely see it on Twitter, TikTok, or Instagram.

Normie is regarded as a negative term that describes someone as basic. Normies are easily influenced by trends and social media opinions. Therefore, they will try to fit in with others by conforming in appearance, beliefs, and overall personality and are opposed to ever breaking the mold.


David is nice and all but he's such a normie. Our conversations are so boring
Tweet about passing off as a normie
Tweet about passing off as a normie

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Updated February 15, 2022

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