What does MEGO mean?

My eyes glaze over

People send MEGO when they are feeling incredibly bored. For example, they may be stuck waiting to renew their license at the DMV or sitting in a 2-hour lecture led by a tedious professor.

What does "eyes glaze over" mean?

When a person's eyes "glaze over," they become dull and unfocused. Typically, this happens when the person is not engaged with what's going on in front of them, because it's uninteresting.

When is MEGO used?

People text MEGO and use it in messages online to denote that someone or something is really lame. While things and people can be uninteresting, you control how you feel. So if you are bored, try to make things interesting or entertaining.


Is he ever going to stop talking? MEGO

Stanley knows all about that MEGO feeling

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Updated January 11, 2022

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