What does nub mean in online gaming?


When a gamer calls you a nub (pronounced "nuhb"), it's meant to be an insult. This slang term denotes that you're playing as poorly as an unskilled novice. It's one of many kewl abbreviations that gamers use in place of "newbie."

Teammates and opponents alike may call you a nub, if they find your play appalling. You may also see nub used as part of the phrase "git gud nub," which is a plea for you to hone your skills before attempting to play again.


L2P you nub
Sorry, not all of us have 10 hours a day to waste on video games, loser
Some gamers self-identify as nubs, when seeking advice
Some gamers self-identify as nubs, when seeking advice

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Updated March 1, 2023

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