What does OTGL stand for in chat and text messages?

On the ground laughing

Someone who sends you OTGL is "on the ground laughing," likely as a result of a funny joke, meme, or video you sent. This acronym is similar to but used less often than ROFL.

When you receive OTGL, picture the person who sent it writhing on the ground, convulsing with laughter because they can't help but keep cackling at whatever humorous message you sent them. The person likely isn't actually doing that, because it would be super weird, but that's what they want you to imagine. (Yes, OTGL is an odd acronym.)


That is so funny, I am OTGL right now
Prove it, send me a picture
... okay, I'm not. But it was funny

A man who is OTGL

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Updated May 2, 2023

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