What does OTH stand for?

Off the hook

While off the hook has a couple different meanings, OTH has only one - "off the hook." You're most likely to see OTH used while discussing something awesome, such as a party, concert, song, or piece of clothing. In this context, OTH means "wicked" or "exciting." (Apparently, this meaning originated from people who described new-looking clothing as "fresh off the hook.")

However, you may also see OTH used while discussing someone who got away with something. For example, if you are reading a Reddit thread about a recently-acquitted criminal, you may see someone say "I can't believe they got OTH." This meaning of "off the hook" comes from fishing, in which lucky fish sometimes escape by freeing themselves from a fisherperson's hook.


Lord Huron live is OTH!
OTH means "off the hook"

OTH means "off the hook"

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Updated August 26, 2021

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