What does pad mean?


When a person invites you over to their "pad," they are asking you to come over to their home. Typically, people use it to refer to smaller dwellings, like an apartment or condo (or even a room), but they may also use it for houses.

For example, your friend may text you, "u wanna come over to my pad and binge some dr who?" Or, your friend may tell you at dinner, "You need to check out Kuan and Katie's new pad. It's fire."

Origin of pad

Various linguists believe the slang term "pad" originated from 17th-century Britain. During this time, poorer people, including criminals, referred to lean beds made of straw and old clothes or rags (and even trash) as pads.

In the 20th century, drug addicts referred to places where they could recover from their "doses" as "crash pads." Later, rap and hip-hop culture helped transform pad into a place where anybody might live, like an apartment or condo.


Wanna hang out at my pad tonight?
Sure. Be over at 8
Swanky pad on Reddit
Swanky pad on Reddit

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Updated October 30, 2023

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