Panny D

What is panny d short for?


Panny d is short for "pandemic," more specifically the COVID-19 pandemic. The "panny" part is a playful variation of "pan" and the "d" is short for "demic."

Panny d gained popularity online, especially on social media, near the end of 2020. Mostly teens and young adults use the term to refer to the different ways the pandemic has affected their lives.

You may also see panny d abbreviated as "panny" by those who think the "d" is stupid or unnecessary. Beware that if you say "panny d" or "panny" around boomers they will probably scoff and call you a "dumb millennial."

Panny d is one of many terms related to COVID-19. Some other examples include covid, rona, quar, corona bump, and quaranfifteen.


One great thing about this panny d is that I haven't shaved my legs in 8 months
Panny d life is hard
Panny d life is hard

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Updated January 4, 2021

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