What is panny short for?


Panny is short for "pandemic," more specifically the COVID-19 pandemic that began in 2019 and went worldwide in 2020. It is often used online and in-person.

Panny gained popularity near the end of 2020 as people became accustomed to pandemic life. It is primarily used by teens and young adults, while most older people think the abbreviation is a little too playful for how dangerous it has been.

Panny is one of many terms related to COVID-19. Some other examples include covid, rona, quar, corona bump, and quaranfifteen. You may also see the term as "panny d" where the "d" stands for "demic."


I can't believe Natalie has gone thru 4 bfs during the panny
She's winning in the middle of a panny
She's winning in the middle of a panny

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Updated January 4, 2021

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