What does par mean?

Number of strokes to complete a golf course hole

Par is a golf term that refers to the amount of strokes a professional golfer should need to complete a hole on a course. The par score is posted for each hole so golfers can attempt to match or better the number.

To be able to shoot par on every hole and for the course is the sign of a high-class golfer. If you are 1 stroke under par it is a birdie, two strokes under par it is an eagle, one stroke over par it is a bogey, and two strokes over par it is a double bogey. The par term is also used in other sports that revolve around strokes such as disc golf and footgolf (soccer and golf).


I can't believe this hole is a par 3
Yeah, it's way too long and difficult, it should probably be a par 5
Hole sign with the par listed
Hole sign with the par listed

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Updated August 17, 2016

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