What does bogey mean?

One stroke over par

Bogey is a golf scoring term that means one stroke over par, which is the number of pre-determined strokes it takes to complete a course hole. It is one of the more common golf scores as average players struggle to achieve the same scores as higher caliber players.

There are several other common golf scores relative to par including eagle (two strokes under par) and bogey (one stroke over par). If you shoot two over par it is a double bogey and three strokes over par, it is a triple bogey.


My short game is terrible
Me too, I can get it to the green but can't finish with my putter
Yeah, I often should have a birdie or par but end up with a bogey because I can't read the green
Wario reacting to a bogey
Wario reacting to a bogey

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Updated September 29, 2016

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