Golf Slang

Eagle, birdie, par, bogey? These terms might seem strange to the average person, but they are part of average golfer's vernacular. If you plan on hitting the links, we recommend browsing the list below. It includes all the basic golf terms as well as some of informal slang used on the course by those of us not quite at the PGA level.

Slang Term Meaning Votes
AceHole in one
HonorsHit first from the tee in golf
Victory lapGolf ball that spins around the hole then falls in
Saddam HusseinGolf shot from one bunker into another bunker
Texas wedgePutt from off the green
On the screwsHard hit
SnowmanGolf score of 8
Grand SlamWinning the four major golf tournaments
DropA ball dropped from a golfer's outstretched arm
HangmanGolf score of 9
RainmakerHigh trajectory golf shot
AlbatrossThree strokes under par
Breakfast ballA redo shot from the first tee
Die in the holeGolf shot that makes it to the hole and falls in
Worm burnerVery low golf shot
Pin-seekerGolf shot hit straight at the flagstick
Alec GuinnessOut-of-bounds
Front nineFirst nine holes of an 18-hole golf course
Scratch golferA golfer with a handicap of zero
GimmeEasy golf putt
Double eagleThree strokes under par
SquirrelTee shot into the rough
Bare lieA golf ball laying directly on the ground
ForeWatch out
BirdieOne stroke under par
Tight lieA golf ball laying directly on the ground
Ready golfGolfers hit when ready
Danny DeVitoFive foot putt
Back-door puttPutt that spins around a hole and drops in
Amelia EarhartGolf shot that looks good but you can't find
ParNumber of strokes to complete a golf course hole
Nip itHit a golf ball cleanly
NukedHit a golf ball a great distance
ReloadTo take another shot after a bad shot
Inward nineLast nine holes of an 18-hole golf course
Nineteenth holeGolf clubhouse bar
HandicapNumerical score that represents a golfer's ability
Outward nineFirst nine holes of an 18-hole golf course
The turnHalfway point of a round of golf
Fat shotA golf shot that takes a chunk out of the ground
ChunkA golf shot that makes a divot
Bogey golfLevel of golf play that equals 1 shot over par
DoglegA golf hole with a fairway that bends
ShankTo hit the ball poorly
EagleTwo strokes under par
Joe PesciA difficult five foot putt
Dogleg leftA golf hole with a fairway that has a bend to the left
Afraid of the darkPutt that doesn't go in the hole
BotoxPutt that lips out of the hole
Abominable snowmanGolf score of 9
Quail highVery low golf shot
Double doglegA golf hole with a fairway that has two bends
Dogleg rightA golf hole with a fairway that has a bend to the right
MickelsonTo hit a golf ball while it is still moving
VelcroSlow green
Shotgun startGolfers are sent to each hole to start at the same time
Back nineLast nine holes of an 18-hole golf course
Triple bogeyThree strokes over par
TesterA putt that tests a golfer's skill
Sunday ballA do-over golf shot
BogeyOne stroke over par
SandbaggerA golfer who plays better than he claims
Double bogeyTwo strokes over par
DivotChunk of grass and soil
James JoycePutt that is hard to read