1. What does PAW stand for?

Parents are watching

Kids use PAW to warn those they are talking to that their "parents are watching." This acronym is most often used in chat and instant messaging sessions, which parents might happen upon in real-time.

PAW is used when a child expects the person they're talking to might send inappropriate content that the child's parents should not see. So, if you are a parent, and you notice your child send PAW as you round the corner, you may want to check in with them ...


PAW, u can tell me about it l8r

Another way to stop parents from seeing your chat

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Updated January 25, 2022
2. What does PAW stand for?

Parents at work

PAW is when one or both parents are working, either in the house or at the office or other remote location. Mostly teenagers use it to tell their friends or romantic interests that their parents are at the office working or distracted with work at home so they can come over to do something without supervision.

Teenagers may use PAW in texts or online to tell others what their parents are currently doing. However, they most often use to signal someone that their house is open to doing something their parents don't want them doing, like playing video games all day, watching an inappropriate movie, or hooking up.


PAW if you wanna play Xbox today!

PAW is typically associated with questionable behavior

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Updated July 14, 2021

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