What kind of mom is a WOHM?

Working outside home mom

A WOHM is a mom who works outside of the home, unlike a WAHM, which is a mom who works at home. For example, a woman that drives to work downtown is a WOHM, whereas a mom who works in an in-home office is a WAHM.

WOHMs have increased since the end of the 20th century as more women have entered the workforce and the gender pay gap has decreased. However, WAHMs have also increased as technology and the Internet has advanced to a stage where effective WFH (or WFA or WFX) positions are possible.

WOHM and WAHM are two of several acronyms that refer to moms and dads and their types of jobs. Examples of other acronyms include SAHM, WAHD, and SAHD.


Sarah is a WOHM, so her kids are at daycare for most of the day

The WOHM struggle is real

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Updated March 27, 2023

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