What does WFX stand for?

Work from anywhere

WFX is an extension of the WFH acronym that refers to a person's ability to work anywhere instead of just at home. It replaces the "H" with "X," which stands for "anywhere" (comes from algebra where "x" is used for a variable or unknown value).

Where did WFX come from?

WFX became popular in 2021 as a variation of WFH, which was prevalent in 2020 due to lockdowns and social distancing requirements brought on by the covid pandemic. While WFH is great for some people, some workers advocated for the ability to work from anywhere and not be tethered to their home location.

Simultaneously with the pandemic, technology developed to the point where many workers could be productive outside of their homes. 5G networks (cellular provider T-Mobile even promotes the WFX acronym) and expanded WiFi coverage allow workers to travel to other places, such as public parks or coffee shops, and still access the technical capabilities required to effectively complete their work.

Benefits of WFX

There are many benefits of WFX, with some already realized when WFH jobs became more attainable. Some benefits include more flexibility, less commute time and transportation costs, job availability for disabled persons, and increased productivity (in most cases).

Other benefits of WFX include increased productivity when workers have to commute or work remotely (access to the company network, digital communication, etc.) and the opportunity to travel as people work. For example, some workers during covid chose to travel around the USA with their laptops instead of renting an apartment.

Downsides of WFX

While WFX provides many benefits, there are still several downsides. Some include less control over the work environment (it begins raining in the park) and possibly more distractions (a crowded coffee shop compared to a secluded home office). Also, cellular network coverage may still prove to be less reliable and secure as people travel compared to an Internet set-up at home or the office.


It's cool that your new job provides the WFX option
Yeah, I'm planning to drive the west coast for a couple months while working

WFX at the beach

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Updated April 5, 2021

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