What does PHAT mean?

Pretty hot and tempting

People often use "PHAT" (or "phat"") to describe people or things they find sexy or attractive, such as a woman or an outfit. They may also use it to refer to something "cool" or "awesome," such as a car or album.

Origin of phat

There are various claims as to the origin of "phat." Some claim that it is a deliberate misspelling of "fat" that dates back to the 1600s (and is how it's pronounced, after all), while others argue that it is an acronym that stands for "pretty hips and thighs."

However, people commonly use it as "pretty hot and tempting," which dates back to the 1990s. During this time, hip hop and rap communities popularized phat in songs to describe attractive people and other things.


Dude, your sister is phat
Please don't say that

Showing off your PHAT outfit

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Updated August 28, 2023

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